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You Can Make a Difference

We believe the poor in our world are some of the most vulnerable people, but also some of the richest in terms of creativity, love and service.

In America, most of our clothes are made from people in other countries. And most of those men, women and children are treated unfairly: they do not receive a fair pay - if they get paid at all - and they do not work in good conditions - no breaks, no food, no child care available, no rest or air conditioning - yet they work hard to create our endless amounts of clothes and shoes, bags and towels, blankets and jewelry, watches and so much more.

In the article, “The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017,” Ivana Kottasová explains how the poor in our world continue to remain poor and the rich get all the richer. It’s a fascinating article and we encourage you to check it out!

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In response to the article and what we, at 8th Day Coffee, have learned is that we can make a difference. All human beings were created for beauty and for work; and all human beings have the right to be treated justly. And you have the power to create change.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This month consists of raising awareness, learning more about human trafficking, and making the decision to make a difference. Below is a list of questions to ask yourself and/or ask in a group of people you trust. We also listed good resources if you would like to learn more about human trafficking and what you can do!

Wholesome questions to ask yourself and/or in a group:

  • What is human trafficking?

  • How can I personally make a difference?

  • Where do I spend my money?

  • How/Where could I spend my time and money better?

To learn more:

  • Ijm.com

  • Enditmovement.com

  • Love146.org

To make a difference:

  • Only buy fair trade coffee

  • Shop local: farmers markets, etc.

  • Shop resale

  • Only buy from fair trade stores (listed below)


  • Sudara Goods

  • Noonday

  • Patagonia

  • Dressember

  • The Good Trade

  • The Tote Project

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