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Justice Journey

Have you ever been on a journey? A trip or excursion? Overseas or a long car ride? What did you need for that journey? Some things you probably had to plan were: the destination, who you were going with, and how you were going to get there.

Similarly, a Justice Journey - a journey pursuing a life marked by love for other people shown in your interactions, passions, and service - involves the same things as any trip you’ve encountered before. Let’s dive into the three things you need for your journey:

  1. The destination. Ask yourself: Where am I going on my journey pursuing a life marked by love for others and this world? Is there a problem in the world that makes your heart sting when thinking about it, a problem that you notice and can declare, “that just isn’t right,” something that gives you the desire to change where you spend your time and money? For some, this “problem” in the world they cannot look away from is sex trafficking, and for others it could be homelessness, the destitute and dying, the underprivileged, the mistreated and marginalized in their school, classes, work place, city, or country. Choosing your destination, your passion, helps direct where you are headed.

  2. Who you’re going with. Any journey is more fun with a friend. Who is someone you trust, rely on, go to for advice? Who is someone who trusts you, relies on you and goes to you for advice? That person is probably a good friend or companion of yours, someone who you enjoy hanging out with because you have similar interests, similar passions and hopes for the world. Ask them to go on an adventure with you, a journey towards living a life marked by love, a life pursuing justice.

  3. How you are going to get there. You’ve already picked where you are headed and who you are going to go with, now the question is: How are we going to get there? Great question! A couple answers are:

    1. Learn, learn & keep learning! Find websites, organizations, news articles that are reliable and provide current, up-to-date information about the problem in this world that keeps you awake at night. Never stop learning!

    2. Do something! It’s easy to learn about a topic, but harder to take action. If you are learning more about homelessness, we challenge you to serve in a homeless shelter in your city. If you are reading about how buying organic and from local stores and from places/organizations who sell goods made by people in our country or around the world who are getting paid a fair wage, then start small and start buying organic coffee, look into stores in your city or online that sell goods from good companies who treat their employees fairly.

    3. Tell others! If a trip is fun to do with one friend, then a journey towards justice is even more fun to do with several friends! Make a point to tell friends and family members about your journey, where you’re buying your food, coffee and clothes from. Tell others to do research, to look up organizations and companies who are doing good work around the world. By telling others, you are encouraging them to join you in a mission - a mission to change your life, which in turn changes lives around the world! The changes you make matter! Make your voice be heard!

This excursion will be exciting and adventurous and will create growth within you. We are encouraged by your desire to make a significant change in your life and in this world! Take a friend and start today, the journey is already set before you!

Document your journey on social media, tag 8th Day Coffee with the hashtag #8thDayJourney

You Can Make a Difference

We believe the poor in our world are some of the most vulnerable people, but also some of the richest in terms of creativity, love and service.

In America, most of our clothes are made from people in other countries. And most of those men, women and children are treated unfairly: they do not receive a fair pay - if they get paid at all - and they do not work in good conditions - no breaks, no food, no child care available, no rest or air conditioning - yet they work hard to create our endless amounts of clothes and shoes, bags and towels, blankets and jewelry, watches and so much more.

In the article, “The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017,” Ivana Kottasová explains how the poor in our world continue to remain poor and the rich get all the richer. It’s a fascinating article and we encourage you to check it out!

--- --- --- ---

In response to the article and what we, at 8th Day Coffee, have learned is that we can make a difference. All human beings were created for beauty and for work; and all human beings have the right to be treated justly. And you have the power to create change.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This month consists of raising awareness, learning more about human trafficking, and making the decision to make a difference. Below is a list of questions to ask yourself and/or ask in a group of people you trust. We also listed good resources if you would like to learn more about human trafficking and what you can do!

Wholesome questions to ask yourself and/or in a group:

  • What is human trafficking?

  • How can I personally make a difference?

  • Where do I spend my money?

  • How/Where could I spend my time and money better?

To learn more:

  • Ijm.com

  • Enditmovement.com

  • Love146.org

To make a difference:

  • Only buy fair trade coffee

  • Shop local: farmers markets, etc.

  • Shop resale

  • Only buy from fair trade stores (listed below)


  • Sudara Goods

  • Noonday

  • Patagonia

  • Dressember

  • The Good Trade

  • The Tote Project

New Year, Exciting Hope

Last year was a year of creating. Kristen Lanning, our Executive Director, formed a team of people who were on board with her dream of opening a coffee shop to provide jobs for vulnerable and marginalized women in the city of Denver, while providing craft coffee drinks to supporting customers.

These dreams shifted and were molded into the idea of serving coffee out of a mobile coffee cart around Denver. Seeing dreams turn into tangible plans is always inspiring; and it’s taken a lot of hard work from the 8th Day team and many others who support our mission.

Last year was a great year and we are looking forward to this upcoming year and all of the exciting possibilities. We hope to bring coffee and a new light to Denver with our mission and our service.

To our supporters, we say thank you! To our future customers, we are excited to serve you and get to know you!

Happy New Years, from all of us at 8th Day Coffee!

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