What We do

8th Day Coffee is a social enterprise whose goal is to empower the lives of women in Denver by providing transformational employment opportunities and community while cultivating pathways to achieve goals and dreams. We will fulfill our people-centered mission by providing employment opportunities to teen and single mothers and survivors of domestic and sexual violence survivors, including human trafficking. We will hire, train, and educate them. We will provide them with a stable job and income that will free them from exploitation. In turn, we will provide the highest quality of coffee and baked goods in Denver served with exceptional customer service. We want to be the positive change our city needs, for the good of our communities... and the world.


The 8th day is for kicking back with a good book or changing the world over a cup of coffee. The 8th day is about creating a place where good things happen, and at 8th Day Coffee every day is the 8th day.

Photo by Brzozowska/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Brzozowska/iStock / Getty Images

By creating a social enterprise, we are providing a sustainable revenue stream to provide employment opportunities as well as support services to the women we hire. We also see a growing trend from consumers that ethical issues are more important and, in fact, becoming a guiding principle in their buying patterns. In becoming a business with a mission, we are offering these consumers value driven products and services.

photo by Kristen Lanning

photo by Kristen Lanning

Our Story

We believe great things can happen over a cup of coffee. From a promising first date to a late night study session, to connecting with old friends, coffee is the connecting medium of our culture.

In 2014, the concept 8th Day Coffee was born after living for a year in India.  Kristen learned of Freedom Businesses that provide transformational employment to women.

We believe in a world free from exploitation where every individual can experience freedom, worth, and dignity. Thus was born 8th Day Coffee as a social enterprise of 8th Day Restoration, a 501c3.

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