8th Day Coffee
A Fundraiser for 8th Day Coffee

8th Day Coffee is a social enterprise whose goal is to empower the lives of vulnerable and marginalized women in Denver. It is primarily considered a business that is about people-the people we employ, the people we work with, the people we serve, and the people who live around us. We will fulfill this people-centered mission by providing employment opportunities to teen and single mothers and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including human trafficking. We will hire, train, and educate them. We will provide them with a stable job and income that will free them from exploitation. In turn, we will provide the highest quality of coffee, baked goods, and signature menu items in Denver served with exceptional customer service. We want to be the positive change our city needs, for the good of our communities... and the world.

Join us for drinks and appetizers to learn about the vision of and to raise money for the start-up of 8th Day Coffee in Denver, Colorado! For more information please contact Kristen and Mark at kmlanning0905@gmail.com

At the event, we will be having multiple giveaways - no donation required!

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